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Kiyomi H., Executive Director, Creative Services, Fox Broadcasting Company

We recently used Cool Glow™ collars at an event and our guests went wild! Everyone wanted the drinks that came in those "cool cups!" They were a wonderfully detailed addition to the overall sponsor branding that we were providing for our clients. Greg Winters is so detailed and organized it was a pleasure doing business with his company. I wish he was in the premiums industry because he would be one of my top vendors!!!

Kat O., Advertising Account Executive, Time Warner

I gave "Cool Glow™" cups to several of my clients to use at their Christmas and New Years parties. Everyone loved them so much I had to order additional glow sticks for them! The delivery was prompt and the service was very professional! THANK YOU GREG!

Lori, Sony Pictures

The products were used in our wrap party and everybody loved it! The products adds that extra something to make it an event you won't forget. Thank you Greg, you're great to work with; not only are you completely professional, but also you go beyond the extra step to accomodate your clients!

Leticia D. B.

I'm very satisfied with your products. Thank you so much. Very excited about it and hopefully it'll be awesome at my friend's bachlorette party. Again, thanks so much, and great success with your company.. Oh, I'm also recommending your company to a friend of mine, so thanks.

Alexander von G.

W-----O------W !

Received package this afternoon and all arrived in great order.

Thank you. It has been a true pleasure to do business with you. Your customer service and attention to detail are exemplary.

Michelle, Alltel Communications, Inc.

We use Cool Glow™ products in our training meetings, they are great!

Walter, The Risk Reactor

We used the Cool Glow™ products in six festivals and generated huge profits throught the use and up sell of our beverages. Greg is a pleasure to work with and on numerous occasions has gone out of the way to make our promotions and festivals a success. I constantly recommend Cool Glow™ products to our associates and I look forward to working with you in all of our future events.

Kevin C.

Just thought I'd send a message to you letting you know how great your products worked. On New Year's Eve there were a dozen or better out on the ice on a small lake in northern Wisconsin playing golf after dark on a crude but entertaining course. Multiple magnetic flashers, flashing bracelets and light sticks stuck on and tucked in hats recognized where the players were. Flashing bracelets and glow sticks on the hole markers shown clearly at 200 yards or more. Glow sticks taped to the can coolers, at 10-15 degrees these were really to keep the cans from freezing, kept track for us where the beverages were set down during golf swings. So, on a clear, starry night with the people blinking and glowing golf balls sailing and bouncing off the ice in all directions - a pretty entertaining sight.

Thank you for your help in making our outing a huge success - a good time had by all.

Sherell (PJ) J.

I'm a Maryland resident and I ordered 4 of your glasses (champ/wine). 2003 Superbowl went off even better than the game... my guests were all scrambling trying to use a glass!!! Hay, I only have 4!!! So I've emailed them your address and they are all going to order!! THANKS SO MUCH, we loved them!!!

Patty F.

The wine glasses arrived just in time for a party that night...(They) were an instant hit as was my husband's martini glass. He does not get easily excited and had to try his out before I washed it. Thanks for your efficient service.

The glasses are a really big hit up here in Northern Michigan. Everyone who sees them wants one. My niece in East Grand Rapids had a blast at her company party held at her home. Gave them to her employees for the party which had a martini theme. A neighbor walking by said it looked like a Rave party from outside. Another hit!

Jeannine C

I have to say that the cups I ordered from your company were a BIG HIT!!!

I gave many away as gifts, and I must admit, I was a bit reluctant because I wanted them all to myself.

So, I want to thank you for speedy order processing.

And guess what, I'm about to order more from your company. Thanks once again.

Debbie P., San Diego Chargers

The glasses were definitely a HUGE hit!! Everyone asked how I would be able to go one better next year so I’ll have to search around on your website for ideas.

Thanks so much again for taking care of us and I really did appreciate the ongoing communication regarding our shipment, etc.

Nikki C.

I just wanted to thank you so much for everything all of you have done for me. I ordered glow bracelets, and a dolphin flashy, and they are both awesome and I received it the next day within ordering them. And I paid for 3 day, I thought that it was very efficient, and I am so happy with your company. When I opened my package, I saw that there was a thank you note that said happy 21st birthday and a free heart flashy, which I was so excited to see. Most companies have a mass note that they send out with shipments, and your company did not do that, the note had a personal touch, I was very pleased and just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Even though my party got cancelled, I am still going to use the glow bracelets at the restaurant, I think that it will still be fun that way. I will definitely recommend you to anybody that is having a party, and looking for a very pleasant ordering process and friendly service.

Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!

Tracey B., Semper Fi

Hello just wanted to let you know that thanks to your recommendations the party was a huge success!! The kids loved the blinking stars and the light sticks. The glow collars worked great on the Corona bottles. I took your advice and waited till it was completely dark out and the kids went crazy for the stuff!! We ended up with about thirty kids and fun was had by all!! I told every family about your web sight so I hope they will order from you. Thanks again for all your help and patience with our order. Things were perfect.

Liz M.

Just wanted to let you know how well your product did. I ordered a bunch of the cool glow mugs for my daughter's birthday party (mad science theme) and the kids all loved them. Then, Sept 16th came and Hurricane Ivan came to town and knocked out our power for a little over a day. That night we activated several of the super brite shorties from the left over mugs and put them in the hallway to keep us from bumping into doors in the dark. They light the hall brighter than nightlights ever did! I forgot to pick them up the next day when power came on and noticed they were still glowing that night. So out of curiousity as to how long they would glow I left them there. They are still there and still glowing. The glow has gotten much dimmer but they are still glowing 3 WEEKS later!

Thanks for a great product.

Donna S.

Thank you for your email and the message you left on my answering machine at home. We were disappointed that we did not have the cup collars for our Halloween party, but were so impressed by the message you left on or answering machine, that we could not be angry. Your apologetic and concerned attitude made all the difference... We will definitely order from you again in the future and recommend your website to everyone. As you suggested, we used the glow sticks as stirrers, and although they were fun, they were a little inconvenient that way. They were good conversation starters for me with my guests, as I described their intended use and what great service we received despite the missing collars.

Debi C.

Thanks so much. We have had so much fun with the products that we have purchased. We own property in the Anza Borrego Desert and we have been sending up balloons that light up and it looks like UFO's through out the desert.

Dave L.

Thank you for your speedy shipment and quality product. I look forward to doing more business with you!!

Char W.

Thank you for the info.

Your website is wonderful. I love the animation showing exactly how the glasses light up, etc.

I spoke with a young man this AM and wanted to order via phone but he said it was a secure website and he'd have to enter my info after I gave it to him so I just went ahead and placed my order online. It is such a use friendly site and he was so very nice. It has been a real pleasure doing business with you and your company.

And I really appreciated the discounts you gave for the number of glasses I ordered.

I'm really looking forward to receiving my glasses and having friends over and surprising them with the delightful light up glasses.

A happy customer,
Char W.

Samantha M.

Thank you! Your company has been great to work with and the product is awesome!



Carole S.

I would like to thank you all for the wonderful and fast job. My husband was even more happy with the product. I plan to order in the next two weeks. Again thank you.

Cristin A.

I received the order in perfect time and the event was a HUGE success!! I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in getting them here in time. I will more than likely be doing business with you again soon.

Thanks a lot for a great Event!

Susan A.

COOL!!! I just got my order and everything works. The wine glasses are swank. : )


Tracy R.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great supplies. My son's "glow party" was a huge hit. I really appreciated all your help in choosing the right items for my needs and budget!! Thanks again

Beth G.

Everything arrived ok; the carrier had placed the pkg in an unusual location which was why I didn't find it earlier.

The party was a FLASHING success! It was hard to tell which item was most fascinating to the group (30), i.e., the ice cubes, rings, cups or necklaces. They were so facinated by the FLASH they never did get around to the gaming....and were even slow to tackle the appetizers as they had to check out how each person was FLASHING!

A few people will probably contact you to place their own personal order; they will all have the Monterey Ln address so they will be easy to spot.

I am working with a small group at school to decide on a few of the items for fund raisers.

Thanks again for helping me to hostess a FLASHING success!

Laura H.

The light up glow glasses absolutely MADE the Sweet 16 party! They were glowing on the black table clothes when the kids came in and they were fabulous! They were all tickled to take them home, even the boys! Thanks so much! I told my girlfriend how great they were and she wants some for her daughters 21st bday next month! Thank You!

Jill W.

Thank you for your great service and wonderful products. The colorful champagne glasses were a huge hit at our party and everyone was so excited that they got to take theirs home. And the sunglasses, oh my goodness the 5 women traveling from snowey Minnesota couldn't be missed!!

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