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Bulk Glow Sticks from Lighted Universe

Our wide range of glow sticks includes various sizes and styles to suit any glow lighting needs you may have.

Bulk Glow Necklaces from Lighted Universe

Available in several styles including tri-color RGB (pictured), our 22" glow necklaces are a must have item at your party or event.

Bulk Glow Cups from Lighted Universe

You won't find a finer glow in the dark cup anywhere (trust us, we've looked)! Our 12oz model is a staple of the night life.

Bulk Glow Bracelets from Lighted Universe

What outfit would be complete without the stark power of glow jewelry? These 8" bracelets are the perfect start.

Cool Glow Bottles from Lighted Universe

Make any standard-sized bottle a unique attention-getter by adding light. Comes with everything you need to get glowing.

Cool Glow Cups from Lighted Universe

Looking forward to a glowing event but short on funds? Cool Glow Cups are inexpensive and a ton of fun. Get some!

Cool Glow Mugs from Lighted Universe

A modified version of our classic cups to suit differing tastes. These mugs are a care-free way to add some light to any party.

Cool Glow Candy from Lighted Universe

Crack the stick and shake it up for some safe and fun treats. Alien design is a big hit with kids, available in several flavors.

Cool Glow Utensils from Lighted Universe

An excellent choice for camping excursions or just lighting up a night-time picnic. These cutlery sets are a sure thing.

Cool Glow Stir Sticks from Lighted Universe

Martini looking a bit drab? Root beer float could use some gusto? Solve the problem with a glowing touch!

Cool Glow Eye Glasses from Lighted Universe

One size fits all and all sizes will have fun! If you're looking for an inexpensive and exciting item for your party look no further.

Cool Glow Badges from Lighted Universe

A great idea for staff of night events, social gatherings, or anything else you can think of! Available in several shapes & colors.

Cool Glow Margarita Glasses from Lighted Universe

Make it Cinco de Mayo whenever you please with our glow margarita cups. An exceedingly popular party item!

Cool Glow Olive Picks from Lighted Universe

Let's say your glass isn't glowing quite as much as you'd like it to. Solution? Drop a glowing picked olive in there!

Cool Glow Shot Glasses from Lighted Universe

This great little number may look small but you know it packs a punch. Choose your preferred color and get glowing.

Cool Glow Golf Balls from Lighted Universe

Night golf can be a fun activity and a great fund-raiser. Start your own tournament or prepare for the night's festivities!

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